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How to Setup Custom Domain Name in Blogger From Bigrock

Are you looking for setup a custom domain on blogger?, I am showing you a tutorial to setup custom domain on blogger with bigrock here. Blogger is good plateform for blogging and its also free of cost..when you register a domain on blogger that it come with extention .so its very lengthy domain if it end with is a subdomain that google give free of cost.but you will not get heigh traffic and earning with its better to register a top level domain on can take any extention top level domain but I prefer you to take domain with .com extention.You take a .com domain from any good domain godaddy, bigrock, namecheap. So here I am showing you a tutorial to setup custom domain.

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How to Setup Custom Domain in Blogger From Bigrock

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Setup a Custom Domain on Blogger

Step 1.  Go to click on setting.and click on setup a 3rd party url for your blog . see in image:

Setup Custom Domain Blogger From Bigrock
Step 2. Now enter your custom domain name that you are already registered on domain registerar site.Enter url including www and click on save I entered my url,and after click on save button it shows some error like below image:

blogger custom domain

Its showing a error we have not been able to verify your authority to this domain..   it means google don’t know this is your domain we have to verify this domain by adding label/hostname and destination address in cname panel.Note above hostname and destination/value. To verify your authority follow below steps:

Step 3. Go to your registered domain website and login account.Here i am showing steps for bigrock domain registerar..after sucessfully login to account on bigrock you will see your registered domain on domain that you want to map with blogger blog.see in image my dashboard with one site:

Step 4. After completion of last step you can see a new window and list of options select dns management.and click on manage DNS.Then you will see a new window:-

Add custom domain name to blogger from bigrock

Step 5 . Now click on cname records and click on Add CNAME Record.

How to add cname record to bigrock

Step 6. Now you can see two fields 1st is host name and 2nd is value put host name and value that you seen in blogger setting when applying for 3rs party domain.first hostname is www destination or value is fill these details and add another hostname and value here I am showing screenshot with one have to add both hostname and value and click on add record:

How to add cname record to bigrock

Step 7. After adding cname records in dns,now we have to add 4 ipv4 addresses in A Records.
Add these four ip address in A Records:

To add  these ip address click on  A records and fill above ip address one by one.see in image I added one here:

How to add google ip record to bigrock

And click on Add Record.
Step 8. Go to again your blog setting and then again click on setup 3rd party url for blog and add your domain name including www. And save the redirect your blog with www I redirected my blog to

redirect blog url with www

Now you have done.


I hope you like this tutorial “How to add custom domain on blogger blogger”. If you face any issue in these step then feel free to ask your doubts.

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  1. Mantap kang, pengetahuan saya semakin luas, dengan mengetahui caranya. Nice kang. tapi Saya ingin bertanya? Apakah ada pengaruhnya dalam memilih domain TLD .com dengan .net ataupun lainnya? Mohon infonya kang...


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