Sunday, November 16, 2014

Awesome Windows 10 features and Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows is best operating system in the world if we talk about gui features.Early Microsoft announced new windows that is windows 10 technical preview.there are more than 1.5 billion users who are using this windows.there are lot of  new features in windows 10,like you can use ctrl key fuction in cmd and start menu is almost changed,and a new taskbar is added,and most useful feature is virtual desktop,you can create a virtual desktop and can open document.There are many new shortcuts in microsoft window 10,that help you to save your time.


Here I am showing you Some shortcuts and features:

Keyboard Shortcuts and features of windows 10

1. New Task Bar View: This is a great feature in window 10,you can see softwares that you opened.its stays open until you select any window.
Shortcut key for this feature is:Win+Tab
I opened 3-4 applications see in image what happned after pressing win+tab


2. New Start Menu:  window 10 come with new start will see a awesome start menu at your desktop window.To open this start menu press window(win) key.
See in image how window 10 start menu looks:


3. Snapping windows: This is also a best feature in window 10.if you are working in two or three applications or software then you can easily divide these window.
Shortcut  key:Press: Win+LEFT or Right.


4. Switch to Recently opened window: This feature is use to switch previous window.
    Shortcut key: Win+tab


5. Create Virtual Desktop: This is a great feature in windows 10.if you are doing important work and don’t want to show that to others.then just create a virtual below shortcut key to open virtual desktop:
Shortcut key: Win+ctrl+D

6. To Close virtual desktop: If you want to close virtual desktop then follow below shortcut key:
Shortcut Key:Win+Ctrl+F4

7. Switch original desktop to virtual desktop: Follow below key to switch between virtual desktop
Shortcut Key:Win+Ctrl+Left(arrow)

8. Command Prompt Customization: You can easily  change height and width according to need.and there is another option added in cmd properties is : Experimental
You can increase or decrease its opacity,and one more feature is you can copy and paste text in cmd by pressing copy shortcut:Ctrl+C and can paste any text by Ctrl+V
See In image:


These are some features and shortcuts.


These are some window 10  keyboard shortcuts and shortcuts are same as window is great  version of window that microsoft announced.thanks for reading this article,comment below regrading this article.

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