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how to enable hibernate option in windows 8/8.1/10

Hi guys, my this post is about to Enable hibernate option in windows 8,8.1 and 10.There are certain features that are already hidden in operating system,and hibernate option is one of the great feature of windows.When you start yours windows at first time then you see there is no hibernate option in windows by default and sometimes sleep option is also missing. its a common problem that every user face in starting, but you can enable or disable these option easily by doing some simple steps
when you are working on computer/laptop and don’t want to shut down computer because of some important works like you are doing any work in Microsoft word and want to resume work then you can choose hibernate option to turn off the pc. you will get your work where you left that before hibernating.
How to enable hibernate option in windows 8-8.1-10

How hibernate option work?
On shutting down computer hibernate feature allows to writes the contents of RAM on  hard disk. And if we again start the computer it helps in reloading the content and save the content at the same place it is taken out.
so here I am giving you a step by step tutorial.

Enable hibernate option in windows os

Step 1. Go to battery icon on toolbar options (right bottom corner) click on battery icon,here you can see two options:
1.    Adjust Screen Brightness
2.    More Option
You can choose any option from above,I am going to click on more option, see in image for more detail:
Step 2.Now you can see control panel,at the right side  select a option “Choose what the power button do”,as showing in below image:


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Step 3. Now select the option “change settings that are currently unavailable”,see bleow:


Step 4. After click on above option,you can see there are four shutdown settings with check box on bottom of the screen:
1.    Turn on fast startup
2.    Sleep
3.    Hibernate
4.    Lock

These are above some shutdown settings, here you can see 3rd option with hibernate option, you have to do just one thing, check the check box of  hibernate option. And click on save button. see in image:


Now you have done.if want to check the hibernate option then press Alt+f4 and click on drop down menu and then there you can see hibernate option and you can also check from start screen,see in below image to check:

You can see here its showing hibernate option.


This method is applicable for windows 8, 8.1 and showing in above method you can also enable or disable sleep option in windows. hope you like this article to enable or disable hibernate option in windows.

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